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Trauma First Aid Training for Drivers

Whether is a short journey in the capital city or a six hour drive off road, we strongly recommend that all drivers are trained in essential first aid skills and that there is an appropriate first aid kit in the vehicle. We have developed a one day training course tailored for drivers. By the end of the training drivers will be:

  • Prepared with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope and save life in the event a vehicle accident on or off the road including in a remote or hostile environment

  • Equipped to make an effective call for assistance which includes the vital information to allow others to respond.

  • Have knowledge and skills to systematically triage, provide first aid and stabilize multiple casualties.

  • Aware of the indications and dangers in extracting wounded casualties from a car crash and some strategies to do so effectively and as safely as possible.

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This course will cover the following topics:

  • Basic Triage of multi-casualty incidents

  • Assessment of an accident and priorities of care

  • Management of an accident scene – ongoing dangers, access, preventing further incidents

  • Psychosocial aspect of road traffic accidents -Dealing with adrenaline, road rage and bystanders

  • Making effective medical assistance calls

  • Primary survey & secondary survey

  • Care of unconscious breathing casualty – recovery position

  • Care of unconscious non-breathing casualty – CPR

  • Spinal injuries – immobilization and management

  • Haemorrhage - Control of bleeding

  • Head injuries – Concussion and Compression

  • Crush injuries & Broken bones – slings, splinting

  • Safe moving and evacuation of casualties

  • Casualty simulation exercises

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