Trauma First Aid Training for Beginners

We believe that everyone should have a basic understanding of first aid. This becomes a greater requirement for those working in the humanitarian & development sectors. Therefore we have designed a one day beginner course to provide invaluable lifesaving skills and confidence. It’s practical emphasis makes it easily accessible to all.

 By the end of the course you will be:

  • Prepared with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope and prioritise lifesaving steps in the event an accident, injury or severe illness

  • Equipped to provide initial treatment and stabilization of casualties

  • To be confident, prepared and ready to access emergency casualty evacuation.

This course will cover the following topics:


  • Scene safety and psychological effect of critical incidents


  • Assessment of an accident and priorities of care

  • Primary and Secondary survey

  • Care of unconscious breathing casualty – recovery position

  • Care of unconscious non-breathing casualty – CP

  • Control of bleeding, including use of pressure bandages, tourniquets and ‘home made’ alternatives

  • Spinal injuries – immobilization and management

  • Gunshot wounds Blast and Crush Injuries (if relevant)


  • Burns


  • Broken bones – slings, splinting.


  • Casualty simulation scenarios throughout the day





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