Who needs this kit? 

For use in urban environment, camping trips or safaris, this kit contains the key emergency first aid items you might require to respond and stabilize injuries in the aftermath of a road traffic accident, including burns and fractures as well treating cuts, lacerations and common illnesses.

What does this kit treat? 

Life or limb threatening trauma injuries; high risk infectious diseases; common medical emergencies (e.g. low blood sugar)

Why is it important? 

Skilled early intervention as close to the time of injury as possible may be life-saving.


Vehicle Kit – Urban Environment

SKU: VK002
Colour: Beige
  • Trauma shears (1)

    Tweezers (1)

    Digital thermometer (1)

    Sterile blade (1)

    Safety Pins (5)

    Cleansing wipes (10)

    Gloves (5)

    Burns film (1)

    Water Purifcation Tablets (10)

    Micropore /Transpore Tape (1)

    Waterjel Dressing 10*40cm (1)

    Sterile Gauze Swabs (10) 

    Non Sterile Gauze Swabs (10)

    Plasters (20)

    Wound closure (3)

    Wound dressing (2)

    Triangular Bandage (1)

    Pressure bandage (1)

    Crepe Bandages (2)

    Glucose Tablets (1)

    Antibacterial hand gel (1)

    Savlon Antiseptic (1)

    Medicines (Not EU)

    Antihistamine tablets (15)

    Ibuprofen (20)

    Paracetamol (20)