Who needs this kit?

This kit is designed for a First Aider to use in the treatment of common health problems and minor injuries that occur around a secure office environment.
What does this kit treat?

Minor skin injuries and symptoms of minor health complaints such as pain, hayfever and tummy upsets.

Why is it important?

The person in charge of this kit must have training to be aware of when symptoms may be indicating a more serious health problem and refer to a health professional as appropriate.

Office First Aid Kit

Colour: Beige
  • Cleansing wipes (10)

    Tweezers (1) 

    Safety Pins (5) 

    Digital Thermometer (1)

    Micropore / Transpore Tape (1) 

    Gloves (2)

    Savlon Antiseptic (1)

    Scissors (1) 

    Sterile Water Pods (5)

    Sterile Gauze Swabs (5) 

    Non Sterile Gauze Swabs (5)

    Crepe bandage (2)

    Triangular bandage (1)

    Wounds dressing (1)

    Medicines (Not EU)

    Antihistamine tablets (15)

    Ibuprofen (20)

    Paracetamol (20)