Who needs this kit?

This kit is designed for a highly trained First Aider or health professional who may find themselves responsible for the treatment of multiple casualties in a trauma situation or people in deteriorating illness states where full resuscitation may be necessary.

What does this kit treat?

Life or limb threatening trauma injuries; high risk infectious diseases; common medical emergencies (e.g. low blood sugar, severe dehydration); neck immobilisation and airway protection for an unconscious person.

Why is it important?

Skilled early intervention as close to the time of injury as possible may be life-saving, and effective airway protection in deeply unconscious people can preserve life until definitive care can be accessed.

Compact Trauma Team Kit

Colour: Beige
  • General First Aid

    Trauma shears (1)

    Tweezers (2)

    Sterile blade (2)

    Safety Pins (10)

    Cleansing wipes (20)

    Sterile syringes (4)

    Sterile needles (4)

    Sterile water pods (5)

    Emergency Survival Blanket (1)

    Gloves (10)

    CPR face shield (1)

    Rehydration sachets (5)

    Guedel Airway Size 4 (1)

    Guedel Airway Size 3 (1)

    Hot/Cold Pack (1)


    Sterile Gauze Swabs (10) 

    Non Sterile Gauze Swabs (10)

    Plasters (20)

    Steristrips for wound closure (2 sets of 3)

    Waterjel Dressing 10*40cm (1)

    Waterjel Dressing 5*15cm (1)

    Adhesive Wound Dressing (4)

    Eye pad (1)

    Micropore Tape (2)

    Zinc Oxide Tape (1)

    Ambulance Dressing (1)


    Triangular bandage (2)

    Crepe bandages (2)

    Emergency (Israeli) Bandage Size 6 (2)

    Trauma Supplies

    SWAT Tourniquet (1)

    SAM Splint 36" (1)