Hostile environments and Hostile Operations First Aid Training

A comprehensive 2 day course to take delegates from basic first aid through to management of life threatening injuries. The training would be
useful for anyone operating in a remote areas where accessing health support will be significantly delayed or those delegated to take a lead in
responding in the event of injury or illness.

Through practical problem solving exercises and role-play, delegates will gain confidence and practice whilst using their own common sense and imagination to consolidate the theoretical knowledge instilled by our experienced trainers.


By the end of the course you will be:

• Prepared with the skills and knowledge necessary to

cope and save life in the event an accident, attack, illness or injury in a remote hostile environment.

• Aware and have in place protocols in order to triage, treat and stabilize multiple casualties.

• To be confident, prepared and ready to manage emergency casualty evacuation.

This course will cover the following topics:

Day One


  • Assessment of an accident and priorities of care


  • Casualty Evacuation planning and resources available.


  • Primary and Secondary Survey


  • Care of unconscious breathing casualty – recovery position


  • Care of unconscious non-breathing casualty – CPR


  • Bleeding control & dressings


  •  Application of CAT/SWAT tourniquet and pressure dressings


  • Spinal injuries - immobilization and management


  • Choking


  • Drowning


Day Two

  • Gunshot wounds


  • Sucking chest wounds


  • Blast and Crushing Injuries


  • Broken bones – slings, splinting.


  • Head injuries – Concussion and Compression


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns


  • Management of medical shock


  • Heat stroke, diarrhoea and other travel health problems


  • Management of mass casualties





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