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Staff Health Management of Sexual Violence

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Sexual violence is ubiquitous; it occurs in every culture, in all levels of society and in every country of the world. Thrive Worldwide works alongside organisations to build transparent and responsive interventions within the workplace.

A key starting point in any staff care programme, is to work with the management team to ensure leadership buy-in and also to review the organizational responsibility and duty of care requirements. We provide an organisation wide needs assessment which would include surveys, focus groups and one to one interviews, including a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations for next steps.

We will work alongside organisations to review and develop policies and frameworks around best practice when it comes to sexual violence. Where necessary we will bring in experts including specialists in security, duty of care and gender based violence. Once a policy or framework is in place, we will then support in the implementation process including awareness training for all staff, including internal focal point training and communication strategy. Annual audits to review the impact and progress being made by an organisation are also offered.

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