About Us

We prepare individuals and organizations to respond to unexpected injury and illness.

Medkits Global exists to help people thrive, regardless of their circumstance or location.

We provide vital, life-saving supplies, medications and equipment for emergency situations. If you or your organization travels to rural or remote areas where medical services are unavailable, being ready when the unexpected takes place is absolutely essential for every individual and

Whether you are an individual who wants to be prepared for the worst, or an organization that needs to fulfill your duty of care, Medkits Global understands that challenge. We offer themed kits and each kit has supplies that address specific contexts or situations, including personal, team and remote kits. We also sell supplies on an individual level; that is, purchase of one specific item or ordering regularly to restock your medical kit.

Our Sandstorm bags provide the quality and durability required to carry the medical supplies into harsh environments, and are designed with compartments and pockets to optimize organization and accessibility.

We provide a variety of training programmes for staff to be resourced with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be ready to respond. Tele-medicine support services are available when you don’t have access to reliable medical services for advisory support and second opinion.

Our Values


We believe that life is for thriving, not merely living, and we want Thrive to be life-giving for you.


We are dedicated to providing excellent services because we are passionate about creating a thriving world with you.

Pamoja (Kiswahili for together)

Pamoja describes how we are committed to working together. We recognise that you work in some of the most complex situations in the world and we commit to partnering with you.


We seek to be bold, strong and courageous in pursuit of our vision. We aim to be thought leaders and advocates in staff care so you can thrive.


We see compassion as daring to be different. We endeavour to come alongside you with empathy and understanding.

Meet the team


Leanne Kennedy 


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Matt Edwards

Medical Director

Caroline Mungai

Medical Doctor

Jo Thompson 

Lead Nurse

Joelle Mumley 

Content Creator