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Who needs this kit?

Anyone who needs to start somewhere. It is designed for one or two persons to treat common “every day” bumps and accidents. 

What does this kit treat? 

Minor skin irritations and injuries, such as cuts, scratches, blisters, grazes, bites and small scalds.

Why is it important?

Keeping skin intact is the most effective way to prevent infection in the body. Promptly treating even minor skin problems can make healing faster and reduce the risk of infection.

Standard First Aid Kit

Colour: Beige
  • Cleansing wipes (10)

    Tweezers (1)

    Safety Pins (5) 

    Digital Thermometer (1)

    Micropore Tape (1)

    Sterile Blade (1) 

    Scissors (1)

    Sterile Water Pods (5)

    Sterile Needles (4)

    Sterile Syringes (4)

    Gloves (2)

    Savlon Antiseptic (1) 

    Crepe Bandage (2)

    Triangular Bandage (1) 

    Antihistamine Cream (1)

    Plasters (1)

    Sterile Gauze Swabs (5) 

    Non Sterile Gauze Swabs (5)


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