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Who needs this kit? 

This kit is designed for a trained First Aider responsible for treating common injuries and illnesses that occur in remote and/or resource poor environments, and in situations where a group of people are away from secure long-term accommodation.

What does this kit treat?

Injuries that require care during a potential delay in accessing second-line care at a health clinic or hospital (e.g. broken bones); treatment of high risk infectious diseases and symptom relief of pain or dehydration.

Why is this kit important? 

When access to reliable health care is more than 12 hours away, there may be a need to provide treatment and care that will prevent deterioration. Such care may be life-saving in same cases.

Camping First Aid Kit

Colour: Beige
  • Cleansing wipes (10)

    Tweezers (1)

    Safety pins (5)

    Digital Thermometer (1)

    Micropore tape (1)

    Zinc oxide tape (1)

    Gloves (2 pairs)

    Savlon antiseptic (1)

    Scissors (1)

    Sterile blade (1)

    Sterile water pods for wound care or eye wash (5)

    Sterile needles (4)

    Sterile syringes (4)

    Water Purification Tablets (10)

    Medicines (Not EU)

    Rehydration sachets (5)

    Antihistamine tablets (15)

    Loperamide tablets (10)

    Triple antibiotic ointment (1)

    Ibuprofen (20)

    Paracetamol (20)

    Bandages & Dressings

    Crepe bandages (2)

    SAM splint (1)

    Triangular bandage (1)

    Plasters (10)

    Sterile gauze swabs (5)

    Non-sterile gauze swabs (5)

    Wound closure strips (2)

    Waterjel dressing (1)

    Eyepad (1)

    Wound Dressing (2)

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